SCMS Mentorship Program Scholarship

For mentorship program students – The SCMS Scholarship is for individuals involved with the Students Connecting with Mentors for Success program. To be eligible for this scholarship students must 1) Have successfully completed one semester of classes at OCCC 2) Submit an OCCC transcript showing GPA 3) Answer Personal Statement questions 4) Have one recommendation letter submitted on their behalf 5) Participated in Community Service within the last six months and 6) Be actively involved with the SCMS program.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you successfully completed one semester of classes at OCCC?
  2. Describe your involvement in the SCMS program? What activities have you done? How have you contributed to the SCMS program? How have you made SCMS a better program? (200 words or more)
  3. Please list the community service/volunteer activities you have been involved in with SCMS, other organizations, or personally in the last 6 months and the number of hours with each opportunity. What role did you play in each activity? How have these activities impacted you? (200 words or more)
  4. Explain how the SCMS program has influenced your academic achievement, personal development, and professional plans. (200 words or more)
  5. Why do you deserve this scholarship? (200 words or more)