Robin Bode Memorial Nursing Scholarship

For second year nursing students – The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a two semester scholarship of up to 9 credit hours per semester to a student entering the second year of the OCCC nursing program. Applicants must be currently enrolled in the Fall in either Career Ladder Pathway/Traditional NUR1415 Nursing Transitions course OR Traditional NUR1525 and NUR1524 Nursing Process II courses AND successfully complete the course(s) with advancement to second year of nursing program. All criteria in a semester must be met in order to receive the subsequent semester 9 credit hour scholarship. Selection process involves an essay and interview.

Up to 9 credit hours per semester
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently enrolled in Career Ladder Pathway/Traditional or NUR1525 and NUR1524?
  2. ESSAY: (500-1,000 words) Your essay should be in response to the following Scenario: You are a nurse working in a large city hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. One of the patients assigned to you this shift is an elderly female who has been admitted for a hip replacement secondary to a fracture that occurred when she fell at home. She developed an infection following surgery. Her family is pressuring her to make decisions about selling her house and going to a nursing home permanently. The patient is very anxious and tells you frequently, "I just want to stay in my own home." In addition to the technical nursing care you will be providing this patient, what other factors do you think should be considered and why?